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    In Fantasy Travel, we are happy when you are happy! And we would be even happier if we could take a look at your favorite moments in Greece. So this means.. time to launch a new Facebook Photo contest!

Revealing the secrets of coffee culture in Greece

  • Greek coffee with caldera view on Santorini island

    While coffee is a world-wide known beverage with many different uses and followers all over the world, coffee in Greece is a whole nother story.

Sunburn protection and treatment

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    Greece is one of the most sunny places in the world, with more than 250 days of sunshine per year. While sunlight is world wide known for its beneficial impact on health, many people especially from northern countries that are not used to such solar radiation should take the right precautions in order to avoid the most common results of overexposure to the sun, sunburns. Follow these simple tips and get the most out of your travel experience.

Top 10 mobile apps for your vacations in Greece [Part 2]

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    In continuation of the "Top 10 mobile apps for your vacations in Greece [Part 1]", we are willing to further enrich your knowledge about the most useful mobile apps for your trip to Greece.

Top 10 mobile apps for your vacations in Greece [Part 1]

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    Mobiles are, nowadays, an integral part of everyday life for most of the people around the globe. The mobile applications' science progresses rapidly, covering more and more needs of the mobile users. You will be surprised to find out how many useful mobile applications for travelers are available online and completely free, several of them specializing on the Greek tourism. We have surfed the internet, found and tested the most useful apps and we present them to you, hoping to make your life easier and your trip to Greece even more exciting. Applications that can turn your mobile into a handy tool for the modern traveler and offer a stress free traveling experience, revolutionizing the future of travel.

Winter in Greece – There is more than the Greek islands!

  • Snow picked Meteora during winter time in Greece

    If you have ever been to Greece or read about it you most probably know what to expect of it in summer – warm clearest sea, beautiful beaches, amazing landscapes, delicious traditional cuisine, numerous tours and great Greek hospitality.

Shopping in Athens!

  • Shopping alley at Monastiraki area, near the Monastiraki metro station

    If you have a free day you might devote it to shopping in Athens which will help you return home with souvenirs for friends and family and also be a kind of cultural experience because of the diversity of places to shop.
    The most popular area for shopping for souvenirs is Plaka – the old town surrounding Acropolis, which has a great variety to offer.

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