Gems of the North Aegean

  • This blog series is dedicated to introducing you to lesser known, but immensely beautiful Greek islands, that for one reason or another, warranty a visit. In the newest edition of our hidden gems series we shed some light on an overlooked corner of the Aegean Sea, which happens to be the home of some stunning locations with rich history.

Quiz: Name the Cycladic Islands!

  • Quiz time! How well do you know the Cyclades? Pick the right answers while avoiding the decoys and maybe get some inspiration for your next trip to Greece!

Gems of the Southwest Aegean

  • This time around we take a trip to the southwest Aegean, exploring four majestic Cycladic islands. South of the Athenian peninsula and with all four located almost in a straight line, are Kea, Kythnos, Serifos and Sifnos, beloved both by locals and by the few tourists that visit each year.

Gems of the Saronic Gulf

  • Today we will talk about the islands of the Saronic Gulf. This small islandic group is very popular among locals due to their close proximity to Athens, which makes them an ideal destination for a weekend getaway as they feature numerous options for entertainment.

10 Uniquely Cretan Delicacies To Try

  • Today we’d like to take you to a culinary journey around the island of Crete. One of the largest islands in the Mediterranean and for millennia a junction between Europe and the Middle East. Influences from the surrounding regions have shaped Cretan cuisine in such a unique way, that experiencing it is reason enough to plan a trip there.

Around Greece in 8 Films

"7 Days in Ancient Greece" book by David Jervis

  • We are very thrilled to share with you the book of our guest David Jervis, inspired by his 7-Day journey in Greece.

Free Travel Insurance in all our Vacation Packages

  • No matter how far you travel, we got you covered! All our vacation packages will include Free Travel Insurance for all our guests departing from Greece before October 1st 2020 and only for bookings until February 12th 2020!

10+1 signs you have been to Greece this summer

  • Woman in Santorini



    For those of you who have been in Greece this summer, you know what we are talking about.

Looking for a romantic & stylish retreat close to Athens?

  • Port of Spetses island near Athens, Greece

    We have the solution for you. The Greek island of Spetses is the ideal destination. An island, not that famous as Mykonos or Santorini, but surely worth visiting for its unique character and special beauties.