Website Extreme Makeover


For Fantasy Travel, success is not a destination. It is an endless road of hard work and continuous effort to improve the services we offer to our guests. In this context, it is time to present to you one of the projects that kept us busy for quite a while. The radical and meticulous redesign of our website, with an ultimate goal of being in line with the latest technologies in order to best meet the requirements of our guests from all over the globe.

Apart from the important aesthetic and design changes that grant a user friendly and beautiful experience, keeping it brief, here are the most important features that our new website provides in comparison with its previous state.


Snapshot of Fantasy Travel new website content concerning the First Timers in Greece


Enriched content

The content of the website has been significantly enriched with even more useful and specialized texts and targeted observations, as well as beautiful, hand-picked and characteristic images, so that our guests can have more information than they will need with one click.



Snapshot of Fantasy Travel new website concerning search mechanismsRevolution in search procedures

Time to enjoy searching and make your life and decisions easier, as well as the time you spend for online research significantly reduced. The search procedures have been multiplied, simplified and cut down to simple checkboxes and clickable words. The context is now completely indexable, meaning that with simple user inputs you can filter all the packages and tours of our website.


Drupal logo


Powered by Drupal CMS

The new website was developed with blood, sweat and tears… Just kidding. Drupal is the core of our platform and we are really proud about this! An amazing open source content management system (CMS) used by NASA and the White House now supports Fantasy Travel and offer us even more security, flexibility and capabilities than our previous one. It played a key-role to the implementation of our ideas and it is more than sure that will push us forward.



Snapshot of Fantasy Travel new website as it is seen from an iPhone 6 device


Responsive Web Design

The website is responsive and actually the way “responsive websites” should be. This means that every page is providing an optimal viewing experience—easy reading and navigation with a minimum of resizing, panning, and scrolling—across a wide range of devices (from desktop computer monitors to mobile phones).




But as we said in the first place, success is not a destination. We will continue to improve our services in order to best meet your needs and wishes.



Author: Konstantina Dritsa