Winter in Greece – There is more than the Greek islands!

Snow picked Meteora during winter time in Greece

However if you want to see another part of Greece unknown to massive tourism I would highly recommend you to visit this country during late autumn and winter. Such trip would be more of a cultural experience.

During this season you have a wide variety of activities and places to see if you know where to go. So, if you like the company of other tourists and visiting sites with a professional guide you can choose one of the organized bus tours, which have everything prearranged for you, accommodation and 2 meals a day, transportation to different places, so you don't have to worry about anything else and can just seat back and relax. Actually there won't be much time for relaxing as the pace of such tours is quite fast and you get to see many places, archaeological sites, hear the stories from Greek Mythology and Ancient history and visit places like Delphi (which in ancient times was considered to be the center of the earth), Meteora, Olympia (the Birth place of Olympic Games) and Nafplion (the 1st capital of the modern Greece and one of the most beautiful towns in Greece) among others.

I remember my first visit to Meteora when I was just amazed by its beauty! The place is almost surrealistic, with vertical rocks, rising from the ground and small monasteries just hanging on top of them, which make you wonder how the ancient people did that. The place is also a popular destination for hiking and rock climbing.

So if you have a few days for a winter trip to Greece and want to see mainland's natural beauty and historical sites together with Athens you might choose a trip like "ARTEMIS" or something similar.

If on the other hand you are more of an adventurous and exploring spirit like me and don't mind driving on your own, your travel agent might help you with renting the car and booking accommodation for you at different places, so that you could visit them on your own and see some other small villages and towns on the way. My tip for you – ask your agent about the most convenient order of places to visit, so that you didn't spend too much time on the road. A big advantage of such trips is that you can visit places which are not available with organized tour, as for example villages of Zagori on our "Winter Adventure Getaway in Zagori".

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Author: Yana Kralis