Spirituality Suspended in the Air

New Health Protocols for Traveling to Greece

  • No one has remained unaffected by the historically monumental event that was the covid-19 pandemic. We extend our sympathies to everyone that has suffered in his or her own way during these tumultuous times. As life is slowly starting to resume to normal rhythms, we must not throw caution to the wind, but take heed of the lessons we had to learn in the past few months moving forward. 

An Unsung Haven in the Heart of Cyclades

  • John Donne once wrote 'No man is an island'. Although the English poet's profound writings are always a source for deep contemplation, in a lot of ways, islands are like men. Like all living organisms they are composed of different parts, they evolve and form their own identity. Some follow the path of modernity while others stubbornly refuse to change. Then there are a select few, so comfortable with what they are, that carve their own path utterly unencumbered by the need to please everyone. This is a story about such an island.

Quiz: Which Greek Island...?

Tilos: The First Energy Self-Sufficient Greek Island

Across a Gilded Bay

  • We take a closer at look at a sorrowful time and place in the history of modern Greece by taking you to the island of Spinalonga.

6 Greek Destinations to Visit this Winter

"Our Tale of Two Cities" book by David and Nicki Jervis

  • We are very happy to share with you the book of our guests David and Nicki Jervis, inspired by their vacation in Athens and Thessaloniki in 2017 and 2018 respectively.

Paros to become the first plastic-waste free Mediterranean island

Hidden Gems of the Aegean: Sporades

  • This blog series is dedicated to introducing you to lesser known, but immensely beautiful Greek islands, that for one reason or another, warranty a visit. In the newest edition of our hidden gems series we shed some light on the Sporades, which happen to be the home of some stunning locations with rich history.