A culinary guide to an authentic Greek Easter

Dying eggs red is a staple of Greek Easter

Let us embark together on a culinary journey to the Easter delicacies of Greece! 

A Culinary Journey to Northern Greece

A true festival of flavors awaiting to be explored as we give you a glimpse of the cuisine of Northern Greece. Discover Anatolian flavors in Thrace, love of fish around the Thermaic Gulf, Armenian influences in Central Macedonia and traditionally mainland recipes dominating the West!

10 Uniquely Cretan Delicacies To Try

Today we’d like to take you to a culinary journey around the island of Crete. One of the largest islands in the Mediterranean and for millennia a junction between Europe and the Middle East. Influences from the surrounding regions have shaped Cretan cuisine in such a unique way, that experiencing it is reason enough to plan a trip there.