"...we loved every minute of it"

Hi Mike,

We're back in Australia now after our wonderful honeymoon!

I wanted to email you and thank you very very much for our wonderful trip to Greece! Everything was so beautifully organised and we loved every minute of it. It was so nice to not have to worry about getting to and from places, and being able to rely on a nice hotel at the end of a long ferry ride or plane trip. All of the hotels were lovely too.

The only issue we had is that in Chania we were picked up for our transfer to Heraklion port an hour early and we were not ready. The driver arrived at just after 6am and we were expecting him an hour later (which was specified on the voucher you provided us with) so it was a bit of a shock to get a knock on the door when we had just got out of bed!

Also, we were picked up at 3am to go to Athens airport on our last day but we probably could have been picked up a bit later, as it was a quick drive to the airport at that time and the check in counters did not open until at least 4.30am, so we just had to sit around unnecessarily.

But in the scheme of things, they were only minor things. We had a wonderful trip and we thank you again - you were very patient, efficient and pleasant to deal with so we thank you very very much! A big thanks to Nelly too who met us at the airport - it was such a nice welcome to Greece. She is absolutely lovely!

All the best, and next time we travel to Greece we will be sure to contact you again to arrange our trip!


By Client:
Rhonda Yanitsas