stress free

Dear Eleni,

Well, the entire trip was a success and I'd like to thank you and your staff for making it all happen. The situation was a little bit tense at
first but looking back I think it just helped to make everything that much
more exciting!! hahaha
I'm very pleased at the dedication and sincerity of your staff as well as
all your partners that took care of us throughout our travels. You made
this strip stress free and extremely enjoyable for both Heidi and myself.
Your choice for business class on our ferry trip from Santorini to Athens
was excellent too. I loved having the choice to sit and fiddle around on
the computer or stretch out and take a nap. We've already made several suggestions to friends to use Fantasy Travel if they ever take a trip to Greece.
Thank you again for all your help!! There are still quite a few Greek islands to be seen yet and I'm sure one of us will contact you to set up a trip when the time comes!!

Jay Sandeen

"I am wounded but not slain. I shall lay here a while and bleed but I shall rise again and fight."
Scottish Proverb

By Client:
Jay Sandeen