"It was totally fantastic..You guys are great!.."

Dear Litsa,

Forgive the delay in sending this heartfelt thanks for planning the trip to Sifnos and Corfu for my wife Deb and I in May -- June. It was totally fantastic.

I don't know where to begin telling you about what we liked best... first of all, I will say that Sifnos was the perfect destination, and Apollonia was the perfect place to stay. Maria at the Petali Village Hotel was WONDERFUL. And the towns and landscape on Sifnos were just incredible. We met wonderful people, hiked every day (through Artemonas, to Prophet Elias, to Kastro), and enjoyed the beaches of Vathi and Kamares. And I enjoyed the octopus, and ouzo. Every day!

I also have a new hobby: komboloi. I always liked beads. Now that I've found a whole country of men that like to play with beads, I feel right at home. I spent some great time in Sifnos and Athens getting tips from shop owners about how to use them. I met some great merchants in the Monostraki (?) area of Athens, and had fun practicing my Greek there. People seemed to like that. I even sang with a couple restaurant owners!

Corfu was great, too. The Cavalieri was great. I don't know how you managed that room, but the view was spectacular. In fact, all the places we stayed -- particularly Petali Village -- were the BEST.

I'd like to go back someday. After spending a week there, Deb and I began to feel that Apollonia in Sifnose was our home.

In particular I'd like to thank you for your advice and assistance in planning the trip. I liked the way you would suggest things, but then let me make up my own mind. You really worked with me to make the perfect trip for us. You were immediately available every time I emailed, you got back to me right away, and you were never, ever "pushy." GREAT advice.

The taxi drivers (particularly Costa, who got us to the Sifnos ferry on time; please tell him hello from us, and best regards to his wife and new son) and all the connecting people were always there, right on time. I could TRUST that we would always be taken care of.

I hope this note conveys my gratitude for all your help. I also hope you can see the attached pictures. Not in chronological order, but there are:

1) My komboloi collection (Now I know some websites... believe me, I'll be getting more. And I use them! Like a shop owner told me in Athens... it's because I'm married, and have to, ha ha!)

2) Singing with my pals in Athens.

3) View from the Cavalieri (only part of it... I took a BUNCH of pics from our hotel, just beautiful).

4) Best beer I ever had in my life, after the long hike to Kastro.

5) Deb on Vathi beach. I sat around all day drinking ouzo and learning how to use the komboloi.

6) My birthday (May 25th) in Kamares, on the beach. Note the fresh calamari and my beads.

Let me know where I can post my thanks on Facebook or on the web. You guys are great!

Best regards,


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