"..our trip was such a huge success, was because of you.."

Dear Mike (or now that we have been to Greece, I feel like I should call you Makis!),

I just wanted to let you know that we all had the trip of a lifetime! We loved Greece, we loved the Greek people, the Greek food, the incredible sites... we are telling everyone we know to make a trip to your wonderful country.

One of the main reasons our trip was such a huge success, was because of you. From the beginning planning stages, to the many schedule changes, you were so helpful and so quick to respond to our needs and concerns. Thank you for helping us navigate our vacation. You made it so easy!

Also, kudos to you and Fantasy Travel. The voucher system was so smooth. The many taxis and vans that needed to deliver us to our destinations were always on time, always courteous and helpful. Checking into hotels was simple and in all cases, our keys and rooms were ready and waiting for us.

Patty, our first Fantasy Travel contact was absolutely wonderful! She was clear and helpful and a pleasure to talk to.

Efi, who was with the other agency on Santorini, was simply amazing. Upon our arrival, we had a two hour window to see the Akrotiri site, because the next day it was going to be closed. As soon as we got to the hotel, she set up a van and a guide to take us there. It was incredible. Also, my husband ended up having an emergency root canal on his tooth and Efi directed us to the clinic for an initial evaluation and then directed us to a wonderful dentist who performed the procedure. She is an impressive person and the perfect ambassador for Santorini. We loved her and thank her so much for all her help.

Thank you for making our trip absolutely seamless and completely worry free! We will never forget it and will always mention you and Fantasy Travel when we talk of our trip.

All the best,


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