"...excellent service..."

Dear Eleni -
My brother and I returned from out trip yesterday and I must take this moment at an early date to thank you again and congratulate you on the excellent service you and your colaborators provided to us in Greece. The three hotels were excellent and the service in each was the same. The transport was perfect. The only problem was one of our own making when the four of us mistakenly thought the ferry had stopped in Mykonos when, in fact, it had stopped in Paros. We enjoyed out unexpected stay in Paros but probably would have enjoyed the two nights rather than one at the Princess of Mykonos more. The mistake we made was an easy one for foreigners to make since the boat announcements are only in Greek. My only suggestion to you for future clients is that you advice them of the mistake often made my newcomers to the Islands regarding ferry stops. In our case the mistake was perhaps a blessing in that we did enjoy the day Paros.
Thanks again for you help and you may be assured that we will recommend you to any of our friends or relatives planing a similar excursion.

Don Jacobs

By Client:
Don Jacobs