How will capital control measures affect our guests?

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Updated: Thursday 13 August, 2015 19:43 pm

Dear guests & travelers,

Holidaymakers planning or already enjoying a trip to Greece this summer will naturally be worried with the latest news about the situation prevailing in Greece. We would like to inform you that nothing changes for you.

First of all, anyone visiting or about to visit Greece will not be affected by the measures to limit bank withdrawals newly imposed by the Greek government, as the capital control measures announced do not apply to those wishing to make transactions and withdrawals with a credit card issued in their home country. Travelers’ credit cards are normally accepted by stores and ATMs, while the acceptance of credit and debit cards is mandatory. The refusal of credit and debit cards is punishable by penalties according to an act of legislative content (ΦΕΚ 66 Α’/30.6.2015). No money restrictions apply on foreign citizens. As a precautionary measure, we recommend that you carry with you more than one means of payment (cash, debit cards, credit cards).

Greek tourism authorities and our local partners informed us that the islands and Greek mainland have fuel sufficiency and no shortages in any supplies are observed. The situation has no implications on the operation of our Agency and our collaborators.  Hotels, restaurants, museums and public means of transportation operate normally without any problems.

The Greek people are still as warm and hospitable as ever.

We continuously monitor the situation and travel advices worldwide, in order to keep travelers informed and our guests’ vacations secure.


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