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"..Please extend our appreciation to all of the workers associated with Fantasy Travel.."

Well, Vassily, you've really outdone yourself with the Chateau Zevgoli. Tres charmant! We have a beautiful view from our rooftop patio and think this room is much more elegant than we will ever be able to aspire to be.

Not sure if Fantasy's ears & eyes were open, but we've had a wonderful time on our Greek island vacation. Mykonos was fun to see, Delos fascinating. The hotel was very comfortable and by the time we left, we'd narrowed the walk back up the hill to 13 minutes.

Paros - hotel was very comfortable, lovely view of the water, great location. We enjoyed exploring the island, David went horseback riding at the Kokou riding center outside of Naoussa.

We're ready to explore Naxos, have been greeted by Stamatis of Naxos Tours and already discovered that we are on the same wavelength politically. Angela Merkel and the troika certainly not on our Christmas list.

Please extend our appreciation to all of the workers associated with Fantasy Travel in Athens and on the islands. I hope the weather is a bit cooler for you in Athens (read that the Acropolis was closed last Monday due to high temps) and that you have a good weekend.

Elizabeth and David

By Client:
Elizabeth and David