"...recommend it without reservation to others travelling to Greece"

Dear Paula,

I returned from Greece this week and, before too much time evaporated, wanted to inform you about, commend you on, and thank you for your work in arranging a travel package for me and my family. Everything worked out great.
We were extremely pleased with each of our accommodations, which were excellent of themselves and also pretty much exactly what we had hoped when we chose them; all the transportation connections worked perfectly (even in Santorini when a van broke down, a new van picked us up within five minutes – that’s good service!), and your collaborators – Nelly in Athens, Stamatis with Naxos Tours in Naxos, and Effi with Bellonias in Santorini – were all very personable, helpful, and professional.

All my family agrees that we would utilize Fantasy Travel again and recommend it without reservation to others travelling to Greece.

Thank you,

By Client:
Jack Moran