"You guys operate like a well oiled machine..."

Litsa and Vicky:

I just got home and felt compelled to write you guys a thank you note. It's
all to often that people write to complain about bad experiences, but forget
to commend when its due.

As you may remember I had a 2 week honeymoon sailing trip planned, but on
day four we had a boat accident which left our boat no longer able to sail.

Since the charter was over, I basically needed to plan the remaining 10 days
of our honeymoon in hours.
While doing research for our initial trip I happened to come across numerous
reviews and recommendations for fantasy travel. Wow am I glad I remembered
your company name and got in touch with you two!!

You guys operate like a well oiled machine. To think you had all the hotels,
flights and transfers set up within hours is unbelievable. The hotels you
chose were fantastic, and the transfer drivers were knowledgeable, helpful
and always on time waiting with a sign.
(Your colleague Lucy from Belloinais Travel in Santorini was awesome too)

You guys saved the remaining 10 days of our honeymoon, and took all the
stress out of travelling.

I just wanted to say thanks so much to both of you!

I can't wait till my next trip and you guys booking it for me!!


By Client:
Brian Sarath