Samos (North Aegean)


On the northeastern part of the Aegean and just a stone’s throw away from Turkey, Samos is a source of pride for any Greek, for it has been a site of scientific progress since antiquity. Due to its wine production, it became a powerful city-state in Ancient Greece and that gave Samians the comfort to invest in research. The Eupalinian aqueduct, a marvel of ancient engineering, still stands today as a UNESCO World Heritage Site to remind everyone of the significant role the island played in its heyday.

Alas, the biggest contribution of the island has to be the intellectual trio that sprung from its loins. Pythagoras of Samos was a great mathematician, whose heritage lives on through one of the most well-known theorems today. Another great Samian mind was Aristarchus. The Greek astronomer is credited as the first known individual to propose that the Earth revolves around the sun, thus searing his name in the pantheon of cosmology. Last but certainly not least, comes the philosopher Epicurus. A brilliant empiricist before empiricism was even considered a school of thought, Epicurus believed that the senses were the only reliable source of knowledge about the world and that the purpose of philosophy was to attain a happy, tranquil life.

A visit to the island today, will not be limited to soaking up the culture, but also include numerous opportunities for hiking as Samos’ natural beauty is augmented by mountainous regions that are not usually found in islands. Surrounded by more than a dozen crystal clear beaches laid with fine sand, Samos possesses a rare combination of natural elements that you shouldn’t miss out on.

The best time to visit is in late spring – the sea has warmed up to feasible swimming temperatures and locals outnumber tourists – and early autumn, when most of the tourists have departed and the sea is at its warmest. The view of the petrified forest in the autumn is a site to see.

Samos is quite far from the mainland so the sea transport system is not advisable if your starting point is Athens.  By ferry it would take about 10 hours to get there.

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