Koufonisia (Cyclades - South Aegean)


Koufonisia is a group of islands in the heart of Cyclades and the Aegean Sea. The group is divided into two islands: the Upper and the Lower one, with each one offering a different side to your vacation experience. Only the Upper part (Ano Koufonisi) is inhabited and this is where you will find hotels, restaurants, bars and sights, while the Lower part (Kato Koufonisi) is uninhabited, but admittedly the most naturally beautiful of the two. It can only be reach by boat from Ano Koufonisi.

The wild landscape is perfectly juxtaposed by the serene sandy beaches that surround both islands swimming in their crystal clear waters will be you main occupation during your visit. Hiking is also recommended and the only to see all of the islands' natural beauty. Due to their small size, Koufonisia do not have a transport system, so most visitors end up renting bicycles to get around more easily. If you are looking for a chance to unwind whilst soaking your feet in Mediterranean waters, then look no further!

The best time to visit is during the summer, when the sea is warm enough to swim. Koufonisia is accessible by boat from larger neighboring islands like Naxos and Amorgos.

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