Private 'Sifnos in a Day' Tour

Traverse all of Sifnos in one day and intimately get to know the island
5.5 hours
Panoramic view of the village of Kastro
per person (in a 4 person group) 211

Visiting a new place can be both exciting and daunting as you constantly find yourselves balancing leisure with not missing out on unique sights. This tour gives you a quick and comprehensive way of exploring all the major sites of Sifnos in a single day and acclimate yourselves with the island's Cycladic vibe right away!

After a visit to the Monastery of Panagia Chrisopigi, located in an idyllic setting, you will witness centuries of history come together in the charming villages of Artemonas and Kastro with picturesque alleys leading to ancient monuments, Venetian Citadels and 19th century churches. In Apollonia, the capital of Sifnos, you will walk from hamlet to hamlet admiring architecturally significant structures as you go along. Rounding up a uniquely Sifnian experience, you will be transported to the small settlement of Agia Anna, where you will attend a pottery workshop to make sense to all the ceramic decorations that seemed to adorn every corner of Sifnos!

There's no better spot to spend a summer than Sifnos and no better way to experience all of it than this tour!

Daily upon request

Group Size Price per person
2 persons 398 €
3 persons 269 €
4 persons 211 €
5 persons 180 €
6 persons 154 €
7 persons 135 €


Your Sifnian journey begins when your personal driver picks you up from your hotel in a deluxe minivan. Our first stop will be the Monastery of Panagia Chrisopigi, the protector saint of the island. Built on a rocky promontory and cut off from the mainland by a narrow strip of sea, this 17th century monastery has been ingrained in the lives of locals with the festival of Chrysopigi following a special ritual that includes procession of a famous icon around the villages and an all-night vigil which subsequently attracts hundreds of pilgrims every year.

Moving on, we will find ourselves in Apollonia, the main town and capital of the island. Apollonia's unique look stems from the fact that it consists of a group of hamlets linked together by a central throughway, spreading out like an amphitheater on the slopes of three hills. Picturesque cobble-stoned alleys, whitewashed houses with small terraces, traditional shops, ceramic decorations and olive trees complete the picture of a town moving to the beat of its own drum. Once we reach the center of the town we will visit a few Byzantine churches where we will gain insight on some of the traditions that define Sifnos.

Our next stop will be the village of Kastro, a fascinating place on the East side of the island. Continuously inhabited for over 3 millennia, the village is akin to a fortress, with tunnel-like gates (logias) and remnants of walls scattered throughout. The Venetian feel of the fortifications blends seamlessly with the ancient artefacts one can find sprinkled around the settlement, creating a mosaic of culture rarely encountered outside of Greece. To honor its rich and long history, Kastro has an Archeological Museum which we will be visiting before departing for Agia Anna.

In the small settlement of Agia Anna, one can find several pottery workshops and it is precisely one of those that will be our focal point. Attendants will learn about the process of making ceramics starting from the construction of the clay to the twin firing of glazed items while watching the potters in action before shifting to a more contemporary pottery technique which uses liquid clay. Sifnian potters are considered to be the backbone of the development and propagation of the craft in the Cyclades, as the island's wealth in argil deposits has provided skillful hands with an abundance of raw materials for millennia. A weaving workshop will also be available and the participants can also browse handmade products, such as household lines and rugs, made on the loom in a nearby local shop.

Once the workshops conclude we will proceed to the village of Artemonas, a quaint place stranded in time, as this haven of Sifnian tradition has been left unscathed by modern life. We will visit the village’s old aristocratic neighborhood where neoclassic mansions built 200 years ago are surrounded by whitewashed Cycladic houses in a fluid architectural style that enchants every visitor. It is from Artemonas that will begin our journey back to your hotel, after a full day of experiencing Sifnos like a local.



  • Pick up & drop off to your hotel
  • English speaking guide
  • Visit to the town of Apollonia and the villages of Kastro, Artemonas & Agia Anna
  • Visit to the Monastery of Panagia Chrisopigi
  • Visit to a Byzantine church in Apollonia
  • Visit to the Archaeological Museum in Kastro
  • Attend a traditoinal pottery workshop & weaving workshop

Not Included

  • Entrance fees to the Museum
  • The visit to the Archaeological Museum in Kastro only takes place if the tour is conducted during the operating hours of the Museum.
  • The Archaeoilogical Museum in kastro will not be visited if the tour takes place on a Tuesday as the Museum is closed.
  • Part of the tour takes place on foot so it is recommended to wear comfortable shoes and clothes as well as to have a bottle of water with you.