Milos & Polyaigos Sailing Cruise

Sail around Milos and visit the picturesque Polyaigos
10 hours
Aerial view of the beaches in Milos
per person (during low season) 170

Spend a full day on the Aegean Sea sailing around Milos, with a special visit to the picturesque island of Polyaigos, to add a rare experience to your summer vacation! In Adamas, we will hop on a catamaran and together with the crew, we will circle around the volcanic island of Milos, sailing past iconic sites like the Sulfur Mines, Cape Vani, Pollonia and Glaronisia. Stops to swim and take in the scenery we will abound, in Garakas, Kalogries and of course Kleftiko, the most famous beach on the island due to its incredible rock formation that resemble a lunar landscape. The nearby island of Polyaigos, with its untouched beauty, will be our fourth and final stop as we will dock at its Blue Lagoon and swim in crystal clear waters.

Daily service

Dates Price
April 1st - May 31st & October 1st - 31st 170 euro per person
June 1st - September 30th 185 euro per person


Once we gather on the port of Adamas, you will be welcomed by the crew and hop on the catamaran that will be your home for the day. On our way out of the bay in Adamas, we will sail by the village of Klima, historically a settlement for fishermen and home to the 'Sirmata' housing complexes. These two-story houses are adorned with vividly painted doors and feature a ground floor used to store the fishing boats and protect them during bad weather. A little further out we will pass by Arkoudes, the "bear cliff" as it has come to be known among locals due to the shape of the rocky formations present. As we go round the bend of Cape Vani, you will notice the orange sand due to the Manganese deposits nearby. There is even an abandoned mine in the area!

Time to take a break and cool yourselves off in our first stop, the beach of Kalogries for a quick swim. Legend has it that it was named by the seamen of Milos after the nuns that used to frequent the area. Back on board and as well make our way to the iconic Kleftiko beach, we will sail by the impressive Cave of Sykia on the Southwest edge of Milos. Kleftiko needs little introduction, as it has become the trademark landscape of Milos and one of the most impressive rock formations of the Mediterranean. It's name roughly translates to "Bandit's Hideout" and it is precisely what the cove served us for many pirates in days long gone. Another stop to swim and of course to take plenty of photographs is in order!

Traversing the south coast of the volcanic island of Milos, we will reach Gerakas, our third stop for the day. A beach beloved by locals, Gerakas sits over the caldera and is only accessible by boat. The water is very deep even as you reach the shore, so be careful! Continuing our adventure, we will take a look at the Sulfur Mines of Milos, on the Southeast end of the coast. A sort of open-air museum of industrial archeology as there all the old facilities of the sulfur mines can be seen next to the beach.

Our fourth and final stop for the day will be the nearby island of Polyaigos, and it is time to understand why it has been dubbed "Paradise island" (though ironically its name is a reference to the amount of goats inhabiting it). It is the largest uninhabited island in Greece and Natura 2000 habitat as it is the home of the rare species of the Mediterranean monk seal. We will swim in the blue lagoon and take in the natural beauty that surrounds us! On our way back to Adamas, we will sail by the village of Pollonia as well as the uninhabited islets of Glaronisia whose morphology is the result of volcanic lava seawater combining. Late in the afternoon we will return to the port of Adamas after having completed a full circle of Milos!

  • 4 swim stops
  • Breakfast, lunch & fruit
  • Bottled water, coffee, juices, sparkling water, soft drinks, beers and wine
  • Outdoor shower, towels and restrooms
  • Snorkelling Equipment
  • Action Camera GoPro
  • Cruise itineraries are subject to change due to bad weather without prior notice
  • The meeting point is the port of Adamas at 08:30, across from the Kinigos restaurant.
  • Maximum capacity of 22 guests plus crew
  • It is recommended to bring with you comfortable boat shoes, sun screen, sunglasses and a swimsuit