IMPORTANT NOTE: All Organized Excursions included in our tailor-made private packages or purchased separately, can be executed as private experiences. Private Yachting is also available (additional cost applies).

Classic Packages

In Greece you can't travel far across land with its millennia-old ruins without encountering the crystal blue sea, or far across the crystal blue sea without encountering one of the world-wide known Greek islands. When it comes to it, it's hard to take your pick out of this wide variety of unique destinations and landscapes.

Explore our selection of all time classic and recommended packages that consist an intriguing introduction, especially for the first timers that are not familiar with the country and its secrets. Get inspired by the following proposed packages and make the most out of the guidance that our experience travel agents are delighted to offer you. Our aim is to create a trip tailored to your needs and personality and that each of you will truly experience each destination rather than view it.

A unique and extended visit to Greece enriched with exotic oriental destinations
Athens - 7 Night Cruise & Mainland
15 days / 14 nights