"You seriously are the best"

Dear Litsa

Where do I begin.........we are so appreciative to you for your hotel recommendations they were all superb! The Electra Palace was in the most wonderful location with all of the conveniences! We loved just walking the streets, shopping, dining, drinking and of course watching tourists and locals......while trying to figure out their stories!

The car drivers were all so friendly and helpful and we felt they even gave us a mini tour of the city and it's history. My husband Duane loves talking politics so a couple of times I was fearful I was going to be left on my own as he had some great conversations with our drivers.

Efi was a doll ....she was so excited to show us Santorini and in particular the scenic view from our darling suite at Astra! We felt it was so perfect for us our own private patio area so close to the pool it was simply amazing. We shot a video on our iPad! Actually we shot endless videos on our ipad of Athens, Mykonos and Santorini and plan to try and relive the moments from our patio in Halifax, Nova Scotia ?.

Grand Beach was so lovely, clean and new. The staff worked hard to ensure all guests enjoyed their stay. It was a special bonus for us to have Breakfast included at our hotels.

The ferry transfers worked like clockwork as well as your associates who were so kind to meet us to transport to our hotels, ports and airport.

Another special thanks for arranging tour in Athens it was perfect for us in duration and points of interest.

So the highlights for us ........number one was having you arrange a trip for us that was absolutely perfect from start to finish, number two the city of Athens we loved! The media has given it a bad wrap......we would love to return for another longer visit. Thirdly Mykonos was beautiful we toured the island via four wheeler and sought out places to eat that appeared to have a long time family Greek restaurant offering, fourth Santorini.....oh Santorini......breathtaking in every way. The service was like nothing we had ever experienced at Astra....... they went above and beyond in every aspect. Then again Electra Palace and Grand Beach did as well.

Litsa I don't know what more I can say..... I think you must get the message from my note that we had the best vacation ever....... thanks especially to you and your colleagues at our various arrival departure points. I truly hope I have the opportunity to work with you again and of course I will not hesitate to recommend you to many friends and colleagues.

You seriously are the best. We hope to visit Paris in late May early June 2012...if you would be so kind as to move there and then arrange a similar itinerary for us that would be great...? If you can't move (I am joking) do you have a colleague you might recommend from the Paris area? Just in case I need assistance.

Take good care and if you ever travel to Nova Scotia please reach out to me I'd love to meet you....I did see you office our last day in Athens ...it was Sunday so obviously you were closed.

MacLeod Alison

By Client:
MacLeod Alison