"This is written to give the highest possible recommendation for Makis and Fantasy..."

Hi Makis:

 This is written to give the highest possible recommendation for Makis  and
 Fantasy Travel.  My 18 year old niece and I visited Greece in  June, 2010.
 Makis did a great job planning our itinerary.  (Makis- - please fill in
 here an overview of our itinerary).  Lulu and I had a  great time.
 Everything was well planned and efficient and we had good  accommodations
 and transfers.

 I am especially grateful to Makis for some troubleshooting he did for  me.
 I was a little jet lagged (confused) when we were first in Athens  and I
 missed a transfer to go to the island of Skopelos.  Makis  scrambled and
 arranged for my niece and me to take a later bus and  boat that night
 since we had missed the morning transfer.  He was very  helpful and
 gracious and really bailed me out.

 There was a second instance where Makis had to troubleshoot for me.
 While still in my hometown I had mistakenly given Makis the wrong time
 that our flight left Athens to return home.  As a result my transfer  to
 the airport was later than was comfortable.  Makis got right on it  when
 we realized my mistake and he arranged for a very efficient cab  driver to
 get us to the airport on time.  I am happy to report that we  made our
 flight with time to spare.

 Makis did a great job!  I would use him again and I recommend him to
 anyone visiting Greece.


 Wendy R. Kaiser

By Client:
Wendy R. Kaiser