"We really felt that we had a good friend helping us..."

Hi Dina -

We have returned from our tour and have revived somewhat from the jet lag. Cloud, rain, 12 degrees are good reminders of how much we loved being in the islands and Istanbul. We can't thank you enough for your arrangements and the help that you gave us along the way. Hopefully not too many dumb tourists leave their passports behind, but your response to Brian's emergency was beyond belief. To have you retrieve the passport and get it back to us en route was incredible! We really felt that we had a good friend helping us out in the crisis. Beyond that, the itinerary you worked out and the places you arranged for us to stay made our "holiday of a lifetime" delightful - now Maria can retire with a treasury of good memories. And Brian had the benefit of already being retired, but getting the trip anyway!

We will be posting some very positive commentary on travel sites pointing out our satisfaction with your efforts and with Fantasy Travel generally. Matt Barrett's blog will, no doubt, add our comments. Oddly, Trip Advisor seems to have closed off commentary about Fantasy Travel, but we'll keep trying to add to it. Whatever sites we manage to find for a posting, we will space them out over a period of a couple of months so the benefit will last for awhile. That's the least we can do in gratitude for your efforts on our behalf. If possible, we will send you a copy or a note about where the posting appears.

many, many thanks
Brian and Maria

By Client:
Brian Hamilton