"We give you five stars ..."

Hi Dina, Thank you so much for all the great work you did for us, for all your patience and always being there for us. I loved that you always answered our questions through email right away. You are such a caring person and I have enjoyed corresponding with you during our months of preparing for the trip. Everything went smoothly and we loved everywhere we went. And you were so right about getting a transfer in Oia - I'm glad we followed your advice. We loved swimming in Milos - Bill said he didn't realize what a fish I was in the water. I love natural settings to swim in so I rarely go swimming in a pool but it turns out I am a strong swimmer in Greece!! We loved staying in Sifnos - a great island to explore and take photos but Oia was our favorite!! It is so beautiful and the photos turned out great. The view from our place there was incredible and it was nice to be there 5 nights!! We were so glad we wern't able to get a later ferry to Santorini. Anyway, thanks so much Dina. We give you five stars and will be happy to contact you again when we return to Greece!! Hugs, hugs, hugs, Bonnie Phipps

By Client:
Bonnie Phipps