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We feel like we have touched Greece and Greece has touched us

Dina, we saw the “real Greece” indeed. We saw warm, compassionate people. We saw wonderful vistas and enjoyed great food. Everyone seemed to welcome us and treat us very kindly. I’ve been in 41 other countries and many of them have citizens who are detached, cold, and sad. Many other lands have people who only stretch out their hands for money; the Greek citizens seemed to stretch out their hands with friendship and understanding. We saw no strikes at all, no public chaos, and no public noise outside on the streets at all. Even the ferry boats, which could easily become confused and disorganized, were handled professionally, quickly, and smoothly—amazingly so! We had a wonderful itinerary, being able to see a variety of places. We feel like we have touched Greece and Greece has touched us. And most of all, we saw a land to which we definitely want to return! So, enjoy your goose-bumps because I believe you’ll continue to hear additional well-deserved compliments for your land, your kindness, and your expert planning from this group! DG

By Client:
Dennis Galletta