My wife and I had a fantastic trip visiting Greece for the first time back in May, 08. Your service was truly outstanding in every aspect of the travel agency business. You always answered my many email questions in a timely fashion. You made excellent suggestions for budget hotel bookings. All the transfers to/from Athens, Santorini and the car trip to the Peloponnese were PERFECT. When we made a major change to the trip itinerary (i.e. less time in Athens and more time driving around the Peloponnese to add visits to my wife's grandparents' villages), you made the changes quickly and efficiently. Your attention to high customer satisfaction was obivous throughout the whole process and greatly appreciated.

The young woman who met us at the airport and helped with our 1st few transfers did a very good job.

We very much enjoyed our time in Athens, Delphi, the Peloponnese region (including Mycenae, Napflio, Epidaurus , Olympia, Pikerni and Divr - over 550 kilometers of driving). The highlight of our trip was the beautiful and romantic island of Santorini. The Hotel Sunrise was a perfect location close to the bus terminal and the commerical area and the 5-star restaurant, The Selene restaurant, which was our finest dining experience in Greece. The service and the food was truly fabulous.

One night and 1 day in Nafplio was far too short. It was a charming seaport village with wonderful restaurants and a beautiful park in the center of the town.

Driving in the Peloponnese was less stressful than I had expected. The only nervous experience was driving between Nafplio and Olympia. I must have driven 24 consecutive 180 degree road turns with no guard rails and native Greeks driving fast to pass me any chance they had.

Litsa, please share this email with your owner. He may use any part of this email for future advertisements (if he wishes). We were 100% satisfied with your excellent service and our wonderful trip to your country.

My very best,
Bill (Vasilli) Major-opoulos

By Client:
Bill Major