thank you

Dear Paula,

I just wanted to thank you for putting together such a wonderful holiday for me. Right from landing and meeting Dakkis (I hope I spelt his name right), I knew it was going to be good. The Athens Gate Hotel had an excellent view of the Acroplis. Every hotel you placed me in was excellent, especially Caldera Lillium in Santorini. First night there was magical. Most amazing view with the most amazing sunset. Because it was only the start of the season and still quiet, I felt God had put it on just for me because I was the only one there.

The time spent in Naxos, planned by myself also went well. I stayed at the Mykri Vigla Flisvos Kite surf club and learnt how to kite surf - great fun.

I really appreciate the work you put into my holiday, and it definately showed. My friends are currently travelling there at the moment. They say the hotels are already booking out. Their holidays aren't going anywhere near as smooth as the one you booked me.

Thanks you very much.

Geoff Sheard

By Client:
Geoff Sheard