Our Recent Vacation in Greece and Fantasy Travel

Dear Matt:

My family had a wonderful two week trip to Greece in June. I wanted to thank you for your recommendation of Fantasy Travel to help us plan and arrange our trip, as well as for the invaluable and plentiful advice on your own website. Anna from Fantasy Travel did a terrific job making all of the arrangements, and suggesting alternatives to hotels and itinerary, when some of our original choices were not available. Although e-mail correspondence often took two to three business days, which sometimes seemed a bit slow, given the time zone differences, it was reasonable. All of the hotels met or exceeded our expectations, and the entire trip went without a glitch. We were not part of a large tour, but rather had a custom itinerary and a private tour of the mainland (6 days), before touring three islands (Paros, Naxos and Santorini). Because of the private nature of the trip and many transfers from airports to hotels to ferry boats, we were concerned that we would show up somewhere, and no one would be there to greet us. Obviously, in a foreign country, where one doesn't speak the language, this would be anxiety provoking. However, the fact is, that we were met immediately at every destination, by Fantasy travel representatives, taxi drivers or tour operators, who were waiting for us with signs, regardless of whether we arrived early or late. All transfers were quick and easy. Our tour guide arranged by Fantasy for the mainland part of the trip, Katherine, did a terrific job. She was always upbeat, good-natured, and very knowledgable about Greece, history, archeology, art, politics, etc. Additionally, we experienced no discontent, strikes or other problems related to the economy while in Greece. While I wrote you with concerns about this before we left, you reassured me that there would likely be little or no disruption to our trip, and you were absolutely right. The people were friendly, happy to see tourists, and the only sign of economic problems we encountered was a strong dollar vs the Euro, which definitely worked in our favor. I would recommend travelling to Greece, and using both Fantasy Travel, and your website, to anyone who asked.

Thank you for your advice,

Jeffrey Fried, MD

By Client:
Jeffrey Fried