"In my opinion a holiday in Greece is only completely worthwhile if organized through you"

Testimonial for Paula & Fantasy Travel Hi Paula, We have just arrived back in Australia and were sorry to miss you when we dropped into the office in Athens. What an amazing Greece trip we had and it was all thanks to you. Every location you picked was amazing. We would often get off the boat at an island and be whisked away by a representative from the main crowd of people, wondering why we were going where others weren't, and then once we arrived we understood. Your knowledge of each island and the perfect places to stay and visit were second to none. When we talked to either locals or fellow tourists, the locals assured us we were staying in the perfect places and the tourists wish they had of stayed we were. There is no doubt that we would have stood no chance of booking this holiday ourselves. I have never used an agent before and insist generally on making plans myself. We made an exception with Greece and we are so glad we did. Everything was completely seamless and even though there were some travel disruptions for people at the time we were there, we experienced no problems as Fantasy Travel or your associates made sure everything functioned perfectly for us. We can not thank you enough for all that you have done for us and when (not if) we return to Greece we will be sure to ask you to organise things for us again. Please feel free to use this email as a recommendation for others and to anyone who is considering using your services I cannot emphasize enough how brilliant they are. In my opinion a holiday in Greece is only completely worthwhile if organized through you. Your service and attention to detail is second to none. Anyone who thinks they can come even close to organising things the way you have is completely fooling themselves. Thanks again for all your help and we will try and see you when we return in the future. All the best, Chris Lee & John Fox

By Client:
Chris Lee & John Fox