Tagli Resort & Spa

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A five star hotel that perfectly combines simplicity with luxury, traditional with modern and the refreshing breeze of the mountain with pure relaxation. With its unique design and facilities, Tagli Resort & Spa offers its guests high quality services while maintaining the refined sense of peacefulness and the traditional warm hospitality. Tagli Resort & Spa welcomes you in Arachova and promises a memorable stay.

Tagli resort & spa 5* offers at breakfast their meticulous local ingredients and high nutritional value flavors in great variety. Necessary components in each manufacture are always , olive oil and fresh fruit and vegetables.

Throughout the day, make a pleasant break for coffee or a drink and try a light lunch or a delicious dessert in the cafe-bar. In an environment with a unique aesthetic that subtly lets the starring role in the natural beauty of Parnassos, accompanied with loungemusic, enjoying the snow next to the fireplace. On sunny winter days you can enjoy on the outside of the site, an open air deck with spectacular views.

Tagli Resort Restaurant invites you to enjoy traditional dining experiences, in lunch or dinner,  with experienced service and light flavors proposed by our .In Mabis mountain restaurant you will find a traditional menu with authentic flavors and will be impressed by the beautiful environment of high-ceilinged room with spectacular chandeliers, fireplace and warm atmosphere.

For any kind of event, banquet or conference, corporate or private, the Tagli Resort & Spa 5* is  an ideal location in Arachova. Their spaces are designed to accommodate all kinds of events , from a small gathering to  a stylish wedding or a conference of several persons. At the same time, the ultra-modern conference equipment makes it easy to communicate with your business partners worldwide.
 For a smooth and successful event, our team will meet all your requirements. From initial design to the final touches, will ensure the smooth running of your event and will ensure it remains unforgettable.

TAGLI RESORT & SPA 5 * offers its guests a combination of modern luxury and aesthetics. The suites are designed to provide a high level of comfort. Tastefully decorated with fine lines and soft colors that  create a warm and harmonious atmosphere. Their goal is to relax and rejuvenate our guests as they enjoy the wonderful view in the highlands of Parnassus.

Capacity: 2-3 people | KING SIZE bed
With the  Junior suite you will fall in love at first sight. In this suite, modern design and luxury are in perfect harmony, causing the romance and comfort of the room. The king size bed with its soft pillows and quality linens, satisfies  those seeking for luxury and pleasure. The Junior suite is offered for accommodation  of 2-3 people. Junior suite is not lacking of style and elegance.


​Capacity: 2-3 people| KING SIZE bed
Where tradition meets comfort and luxury , the unique Superior suite of Tagli resort & spa is created . Privacy, comfort, luxury and attention to details. A variety of color combinations to choose the one you like , carefully picked  textiles and clothing and of course a private balcony to enjoy the views of Livadi.


Capacity: 2-3 people | KING SIZE bed
The quintessence of luxury  is hidden in the executive suite of the hotel Tagli resort & spa in Arachova. Tagli resort promises you,  unforgettable weekends in the cosmopolitan Arahova at these comfortable, stylish rooms. The Snowy Meadow and the foothills of Parnassus lie ahead , the private terrace of the room.


Capacity: 4-5 people |2 KING SIZE BEDS
Tagli resort & spa features a Family Suite, which promises a dreamy accommodation. The suite consists of two bedrooms with a connecting door. The king size bed, the clothing in shades of gold and brown, the fantastic lighting and luxurious décor that blends tradition with contemporary design, create the perfect image. The suite is an ideal venue for family accommodation.


Capacity: 2-4 people |1 KING SIZE BED
The Honeymoon Suite  is a special place, unique both in Livadi and Arachova. Located in a privileged area of the hotel, thanks to the special architectural design, offers magnificent views of the peaks of Parnassus, even if you are lying on your bed. With very large spaces , fireplace and ample light, sets the stage for an unforgettable stay. It features a bedroom with fireplace and views of the snowy Parnassus. Style and elegance are all over  the honeymoon suite.

After passing through Arachova, turn right according to the signs that lead to the ski centers. Driving towards the ski center you will find Tagli Resort & Spa 5* tangent of the road, about 4 km after the end of Arachova town on your right hand.