"I was very impressed with your professionalism and assistance"

Hello Paula,

We have returned home now after our trip to Greece and the three of us would like to "Thank You Very Much" for making our trip a wonderful time.
Everything was set up perfectly with the Transfers from our Hotels, to and from the various ferries, hotels and airports. The hotels were wonderful that you selected for us and arranged. The people we meet at the Adonis in Mykonos were exceptional. Roz and her husband Michael were helpful and caring and gave us plenty of tips to make our stay there top notch.
We met some old time residents of the hotel as well and they too helped us to enjoy the stay there immensely even if it was only 3 days. In Eos, the hotel was incredible. I do believe the hotel upgraded us to a larger room due to the three people in the room as oppopsed to a double. Initially I think they had set us up for a double but when we were a triple it was more convenient to put us in a different room than to make the one we were to get a triple. My wife did not want to leave after our 2 days there!
Santorini, and the Volcano View Hotel was also exceptional. The view off the balcony just blew us away! It was truely fantastic. We did have a problem with the air conditioner the first night but the staff were most attentive and took care of that immediatley the next day and they were very helpful with things around the hotel and towns. Lucy from the travel agency was very good to us as well getting us booked on several tours that filled up our time with siteseeing, and excursions. There was plenty to do and we filled our time trying to cram as much in as possible in the three days.

When we flew into Athens from Thira we did have to forego our transfer to an Athens hotel as we had to catch the flight back to Canada that same day. When you fly as an airline employee you must travel when space is available and our flight on the 5th of Oct was oversold so we had to leave on the 4h. As it was we got the last 3 seats out of Athens that day. I met your representative at the Athens airport and explained the problem and they were sorry that we had to leave early but understood the situation.

They were there waiting for us with our names on the their signs so they were very easy to find once again. Again I was very impressed with your professionalism and assistance in helping us have a wonderful time in your country. We will definitely be coming back to Greece again and will be looking forward to working with your organzation once more on future trips.

Regards Keith, Kathy and Alexis Heinz

By Client:
Keith, Kathy and Alexis Heinz