"...wishing we were still there!"

Hi Dina,

Just wanted to deliver a huge 'thank you' for helping us plan our holiday in Greece, now that we're home again wishing we were still there!

Many many years of attending local Greek festivals, enjoying the music and the food, whetted our appetite to finally get over there and see for ourselves what it was all about. You know that we'd been researching and planning and anticipating this trip for a long time, thanks mainly to everything we learned on Matt B's website, and at long last we were able to finally get off the fence, put together an itinerary, and just do it. Between you and Matt B, we can never thank you enough for the fabulous trip we had. To name just a few highlights:

Hotel Attalos - after all the time spent studying Matt's site and the small Athens map we ordered from Fantasy Travel, it was uncanny to feel so 'at home' once we finally arrived in Athens. It was as if we already knew where everything was, traveling through neighborhoods that we already knew very well. Over the course of our trip we spent 6 nights in Athens, all at the Attalos, and we found the location and the neighborhood to be exactly right for us - active, busy, and right in the middle of everything - we walked everywhere. Very reasonably priced, an excellent value - and with that fabulous rooftop view terrace, where we finished up every night.

the 7-day Mainland Tour - I'm a history buff and originally wanted to be able to visit sites associated with Alexander the Great, so that meant a trip to the north of Greece. The tour you booked for us was a most effective use of our time and we were able to see and do so much more than we could ever have managed on our own. We really felt, by the time we got back to Athens, that we'd been able to see and experience a good cross-section of your beautiful country (I didn't expect this, but it seems like we didn't so much see the sites as climb over them physically, everywhere we went - very satisfying and unforgettable). Eventually I couldn't tell what drew me more - the human-built sites we visited, both ancient and modern, or the physical landscape of Greece itself. Stunning! I can't really rank what we saw on the tour, it's not possible (or necessary), but I will say I hope I'm able to revisit Delphi in this lifetime.

Santorini - Kamares Apartments couldn't have been a better choice for us and we appreciated it more and more as we visited the island. We were able to have a private, quiet apartment and terrace with 'the view', yet we were only moments from the bus station, the post office, the center of town, the health center, etc... all w/o having to climb a lot of steps (we did climb up and down a bunch of steps while visiting Fira and Oia - no problem at all, but still we were glad we didn't have to climb lots of steps just to get in and out of our room every day (with luggage, no less). A truly inspired choice Dina!

the Poet Sandalmaker - just around the corner from our hotel in Athens. We ended up visiting the shop three times and bought 4 pairs of sandals. It was such a privilege to meet and speak for a while with Pantelis Mellissinos.

I could go on and on, but I hope you get the idea. We never had a bad meal, never had a bad room, never had a transfer go wrong or felt ourselves to be in over our heads anywhere for any reason. We were lucky to have 21 days - we saw and did so much, yet it also seems as if we only just scratched the surface. Your country has such riches, we hope to come back to pick up where we left off.

Thank you again Dina, for everything you gave us. We're happy we were able to meet you in person at the beginning of our trip, and now we'd like to let everyone (your boss? future visitors to Greece?) know what a privilege it was to work with Dina Kastrinaki at Fantasy Travel. We can't recommend you highly enough! And, we hope to work with you again.

Best regards,

Ray Pochmara
Athena Ly

California, USA

By Client:
Ray Pochmara