"...you a very special thank you"

We just wanted to thank you for all your attention and help with the arrangements for our stay in Greece and also all your help and graciousness while we were in Greece. You made our trip so much easier by not having to worry about so many things. Bill especially wanted to thank you for all your help at the airport. He said he would never have been able to get a battery for his phone without you and wanted to give you a very special thank you.
You asked me to give you some reviews on Gythios (I have seen this spelled and pronounced so many different ways – Gythios, Gythio, Gythion – I don’t know which one is correct):
We loved Gythios. Our hotel room at the Aktaion was wonderful. It was great at night to be able to open the doors to the balcony and look out at the water. The rooms were clean and the people at the hotel very friendly and helpful. The town is small and relaxing but big enough to have everything we needed - plenty of restaurants, an internet café, a photo shop when we needed some help with a camera issue. The food was wonderful at the restaurants where we ate. We found a couple of favorites that we tended to go to. The people in the town were very friendly and gracious. Bill very much enjoyed talking to some of the local shop keepers. Gythios was also in a great location as far as doing day trips. We did day trips to Mystras, Monemvasia, and the Cave of Diros which included a drive down to the end of that peninsula to a beautiful little village where we found a great restaurant. Wherever we drove the scenery was just spectacular with the mountains and the sea plus all the little side trips that one can take to the many archeological sites. The only negative thing that I could say is that if you stay at the Aktaion, it is on the main road along the water and there is a lot of traffic (which includes loud motorbikes) which sometimes goes into the late hours of the night. We felt all the positives negated t his one negative.
Nelly – thanks again for all that you did. It was a pleasure meeting you. If you ever get to our area of the States and need a place to stay, you would always be welcome.

Thanks so much –
Sharon VanOrd
Bill Chamberlain
Autumn VanOrd
Alex Lehman

By Client:
Bill Chamberlain