How does the refugee crisis affect visitors of Greece?

Refugees on a boat

Syrian war is one of the worse humanitarian disasters of our time, which has affected Greece as well as in many other neighboring countries, with an influx of refugees. This issue has raised the interest of many people across the globe but has also raised doubts and fears about those planning to visit Greece for their vacation.

We would like to clarify that there is no need for concerns as these developments in no ways affect your visit to Greece. To begin with, Greece is not as small as some may imagine. The distance of any of the eastern Greek islands that welcome the refugees is at least 8 hours with a boat from Piraeus port near Athens city, let alone from the rest of Greece. In addition, refugees are gathered in certain places and destinations and are not scattered all over Greece, while their main goal is leaving for the rest of the Europe. Efforts begun being implemented by the rest of the countries of the European Union in order to contribute to the situation. In addition, the Greek state as well as many other voluntary groups and organizations that have been mobilized put a continuous effort to connect refugees to the resources they need such as food, clothing, accommodation, medicine and support.

Finally, our experienced travel agents would be more than glad to inform you about any presence of refugees in the destinations you have chosen to visit during the itinerary they have crafted for you and further tailor it according to your preferences.