10+1 signs you have been to Greece this summer

Woman in Santorini



For those of you who have been in Greece this summer, you know what we are talking about.


1. “Gia sas”, “efharisto”, “parakalo”, “souvlaki” and “Acropolis”
are some new additions to your traveler’s dictionary.

How to say thank you in Greek


2. You can certainly tell a local from a traveler.

Greek men at coffee shop


3. You have tasted it all: souvlaki, moussaka, greek salad, ouzo.

Traditional Greek plates


4. You are probably so tanned or red as a lobster
or maybe still peeling from your sunburn.

Tanned woman at exotic beach


5. Everyone seems so quiet back at your home country.

My big fat Greek wedding movie scene


6. You miss freddo cappucino and frappe and know that you
have to come all the way back to Greece to enjoy the originals.

Greek frappe at Santorini



7. You think it should be easy to try a homemade Greek salad with the red 
tomato and feta cheese, Greek olives and some extra virgin olive oil. And you
dream of some serious bread dunking in the olive oil at the bottom of the salad.

Traditional Greek salad



8. You miss the smiles and the joy of people passing by, ready to help
you or feed you to death at anytime. In fact you now force feed your guests.

Greek hospitality



9. Dramatic hand gestures don’t faze you.

My big fat Greek wedding


10. “Let’s have a quick coffee to catch up” translates into at least
2 hours off your agenda.

Greek coffee time



11. You have, at least, one photo of a majestic sunset.

Majestic Santorini sunset