Dear Violeta!

I cannot express how thankful both Cheryl & myself are to you. You made our vacation a dream come true. From the minute we got off the plane to leaving your beautiful country everything was perfect. Mr. Tokis and Mrs. Nelly were such sweethearts as well. We were so fortunate that you were still able to provide us with transportation during the taxi strike. That was wonderful customer service.

Each hotel was wonderful. The hotels were very clean, the staff very accomodating, and very comfortable and the views were amazing. The ferry rides were a lot of fun too. As our vacation progressed each location and hotel just got better and better.

Greece was everything I expected and MORE! You should be so very proud to be Greek. Your country and fellow Greeks are the most kind, generous, and caring people I have ever met. I WANT TO LIVE IN GREECE NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!! I came back to America feeling like I have family in Greece and so very much look forward to my next visit.

I told my fiance, Jim Maroulis, that since he is a Greek-American he must now go visit his "motherland" and meet fellow Greeks!!!!! ha ha ha And when the time comes for us to visit I will use Fantasy Travel again. You made our vacation so easy. You detailed the trip, times, locations perfectly.

Violetta, I cannot say Thank You enough. Fantasy Travel is a wonderful organization and you my dear made my dream vacation possible.

Thank you again and please keep in touch.

Janice & Cheryl

By Client:
Janice & Cheryl