"...the pictures they see on TV do not represent the actions of most people in Greece"

You do not need to apologize. It was not a problem at all, and we had lots of time to check in and make our flight easily. I thought that there might be some confusion about the transfer after we moved to a new hotel, but it worked out just fine.

Our trip to ?????? was fantastic! Thanks to your good advice and the change in plans to get to Athens early, we were able to see the National Archaeological Museum, which we missed seeing during our first time in Athens because they changed their closing time to 16:00, which surprised us.

All of us enjoyed our visit immensely. Sophie (age 8) will treasure memories of the archaeological sites she visited (and wants to return to work on as an archaeologist when she grows up!) and our lunch at a ??????? in Anogeia when the proprietor took her to see his herb garden. When he and another man asked her ??? ?? ????; she responded, "?? ???? ?????". They said "?????? ?????!". So now we say that to her, too!

Colin (age 10) loves to play guitar and was thrilled when he got a chance to play a ?????? at the same taverna. We saw live music (mainly ????????) several times and when we were in ????? we went to a musical instrument store and bought a ??????? - a small bouzouki - that he is now learning to play.
My greatest regret was only that we did not get a chance to meet you for a cup of coffee (or ???? ! ). I was eager to hear your thoughts about the events at ???????? and what the future might hold. I have been telling my friends and colleagues here in the US that the pictures they see on TV do not represent the actions of most people in Greece, or even of most people who went to protest this week. I know that the next couple of years are likely to be difficult there, but I know that the Greek people will adapt and will make it through the challenges fine. I hope that everyone here in the US can learn some lessons and be prepared to make the changes that we also need to make to adjust to life in the 21st century.

???????????? ???? for everything that you did to make our visit smooth and enjoyable. I never had to worry about anything and knew we were in good hands, from the moment we came out of the gate at the airport when we arrived and saw Takis until the moment we checked in at the airport to depart. If everyone at Fantasy Travel is as skilled, friendly, and dedicated as you are, then it must be an amazing place!

I really hope that we will be able to have another trip to Greece in a few years. There are many places I still want to go - and many that I want to revisit. In the interim, I will recommend Fantasy Travel to anyone I know who is interested in visiting your wonderful country.

Please let me know if there is a survey or anything that I can do to provide feedback about the service overall, and specific hotels, etc.

Finally, please let me know if you are ever going to be in or near North Carolina, as we would love to see you and show you around our home state.

Best regards,

By Client:
Bill Aheron