" really worked in our favor to finish our trip both safely and enjoyably"

Dear Matt,

My wife and I recently visited Greece and used Fantasy Travel as our travel agent. We got their name from your internet site. The agent we dealt with was Vasillis.

When my wife and I travel, we always like to deal with an agency local to that country. We usually contact two different agencies and then make a choice to use the one best suited for our needs.

I just wanted to let you know Fantasy, and Vasillis in particular, were the best organization/agent we have ever used. They were easy to work with, listened to us to determine what our goals were and then helped us realize them.

By chance and unfortunately, we were scheduled to be in Athens on Tuesday and Wednesday, June 28th and 29TH the two days of violent protests and the national strike. Fantasy worked with us to allow us to see the Plaka and Acropolis while relocating our hotel accommodations from the square to a safer environment. While I personally was upset and angry at the situation, once my wife settled me down, I realized that Vassilis efforts really worked in our favor to finish our trip both safely and enjoyably.


By Client:
Jack Ross