"We loved it..."

Hello Paula,

My husband and I are back home now, and I want to thank you again for the wonderful trip you arranged for us. We loved it. We had just the right amount of time in Athens and got to see some of the mainland on the tour to Delphi and Meteora. We made friends with so many people on that tour.And then we went to the islands. Our favorite hotel was Mykonos Bay, which is so beautiful it is a work of art. The way it blends into the landscape is both subtle and artful. Over our three nights there we felt we became friends with all the staff, and Mr. Nikos, the owner, could not be more kind. We hated to leave, but then we enjoyed Naoussa, and after that the stunning views of the Caldera from Volcano View on Santorini.

Every detail was taken care of, and we didn't have to worry about a thing. That relieved us of so much of the stress that often goes with travel.

We loved Greece and the many Greeks we met. We like to make a point of getting out of the touristic neighborhoods and finding out where people live. We were able to do that in Athens and in Delphi. Part of the point of traveling is not just to see the sights but to meet people who live in other countries and whose assumptions are different from your own.

Neli was so helpful when she met us at the airport. And my husband says that one of the highlights of the trip was being driven back from the port at night by Nikos.

I make jewelry, and I would like to send you a little gift to thank you, so I need to ask if you have pierced ears. I would also like to send something to Neli.

By Client:
Lee Zacharias