thank you

Dear Vassilis,

First I want to say thank you again for all you and Fantasy Travel did for us while we were stranded in Greece because of the volcano. We appreciate both the help we received and the hospitality you showed. You went out of your way to help make a frustrating experience not only bearable but pleasant. After all, we had a chance to see and do some things that we wouldn't have had the opportunity to do had we not stayed the extra days. I have passed on your information to several people who are considering trips to Greece and will continue to recommend both you and Fantasy Travel.

I did have a couple of items which I needed to follow up with you about:.....

....I know so much has been going on in Greece. I can imagine that it is extremely challenging for you personally as well as for the business as well. We wish you only the best. Despite everything, we had a wonderful holiday in Greece and will remember it fondly.


Claire Newman

By Client:
Claire Newman