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Travel Insurance F.A.Q.

How do I register to your Free Travel Insurance Program?
After the completion of your booking, your personal travel agent will send to you an online form to fill in your personal information, that will be needed for your identification by the travel insurance company. Your information must be filled and sent to the company by us prior to your arrival. Furthermore, it is very important to fill in the fields with valid and infallible information, or else the identification will not succeed and the travel insurance will not be applicable.

Are cancelation fees covered?
Travel cancelation fees are included in this complimentary insurance plan up to €1000 per insured person. One of the below reasons must be met

  1. Death, bodily injury, illness, disease, or complications arising as a direct result of pregnancy of:
    1. an insured person
    2. any person who an insured person is traveling or has arranged to travel with
    3. any person who an insured person has arranged to stay with
    4. an insured person’s close relative
    5. an insured person’s close business associate.
  2. An insured person or any person who an insured person is traveling with or has arranged to travel with being quarantined, called as a witness at a Court of Law or for jury service attendance.
  3. Redundancy of an insured person or any person who an insured person is traveling or has arranged to travel with. The redundancy must qualify for payment under current redundancy payment legislation in an insured person’s home country, and at the time of booking the trip there must have been no reason to believe anyone would be made redundant.
  4. An insured person or any person who an insured person is traveling or has arranged to travel with, is a member of the Armed Forces, Territorial Army, Police, Fire, Nursing or Ambulance Services or an employee of a Government Department and has authorized leave canceled or is called up for operational reasons, provided that the cancellation or curtailment could not reasonably have been expected at the time when you purchased this insurance or at the time of booking any trip.
  5. The police or other authorities requesting an insured person to stay at or return to his/her home due to serious damage to an insured person’s home caused by fire, aircraft, explosion, storm, flood, subsidence, fallen trees, collision by road vehicles, malicious people or theft.

What to do in a Serious Medical or other Emergency Abroad?
On our behalf, HealthWatch Assistance provide a 24 hour emergency service 365 days a year and insured persons can contact HealthWatch Assistance by using the following details:

Emergency 24-hour service phone number: + (30) 231 308 4533

You, or the insured person, must do this as soon as possible in the case of a serious medical emergency abroad where you or they will or may need to stay in hospital, have hospital treatment or other emergencies. When calling HealthWatch Assistance for help, please provide the following information:

  1. The policy number that will be given to you after the booking (shown on your Policy Schedule) and your name.
  2. The insured person’s name and the address they are staying at.
  3. The phone number you, or the insured person, are calling from.
  4. The nature of the emergency.
  5. The name and phone number of the doctor and hospital treating the insured person.

Not contacting HealthWatch Assistance, or not following their instructions, could affect your claim. HealthWatch Assistance must agree, beforehand, any emergency travel expenses involving air travel. If it is not possible for you or the insured person to make contact with HealthWatch Assistance before hospital admission or before medical expenses are incurred because emergency treatment is required, contact must be made as soon as possible.

The travel insurance applies only within the Greek borders (and Turkey during cruise from Greece) .

Offer Duration
Free travel insurance will be allocated to travelers departing from Greece before October 1st, 2020 and is valid only for bookings until February 12th, 2020.

Age limits
An insured person must be under the age of 75 years at the end of the period of cover.
If an insured person is aged under 18 he/she is only insured when traveling with one or both of the insured adults (or accompanied by another responsible adult).

If an insured person becomes pregnant and the dates of travel fall later than the end of the 25th week of pregnancy above (end of the 23rd week if an insured person has had a course of in vitro fertilization (IVF) or is pregnant with twins or other multiple birth), the insured person should contact the ASUA Customer Helpline to discuss their options relating to policy cover.



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